How africans can start an online business from scratch

As the african economy begins to rise for our welfare, there is the need for one to be his own master should the economy plummet again. One needs to be able to capitalize on the new era we are in – Digital era, and to be able to yank all the goodies it provides.

When it comes to creating a business, brick-and-mortar to be precise, people engulf in it because it is popular, and they know so many people make money from it. However, when it comes to creating an online business, people mull about it. They think of it being arduous to do, and simply do not know how gratifying it is when you start earning from it.

Internet Entrepreneurship is the way of the future. By 2030, I presuppose, there will be more internet entrepreneurs in Africa because of sensitization, and the huge benefits that people are going to yank from, will disseminate. It is an inevitable need to start creating an online business now so that you will be part of those who will benefit from it 10 years later when there is a swamp of entrepreneurs.

I am going to outline simple ways by which africans could start their own online business and earn ginormously with these internet marketing tactics.

Before I begin, I have to explain the terminologies in online business so that should I mention then later on, you can be able to grasp the meaning without a whimp of naivety.

1. Traffic – This refers to people who do not know about your product or business but you want to entice them to have a look at your business or product.

2. Lead – This refers to a person or people interested in your product or business.

3. Call to action – This is a message you spell out to your leads to make an action. It can be buying your products in your business, or partnering in your business or anything you need your leads to do. You should exude your focal point for your business here.

4. Pitch – Your marketing statement. The exact thing you say to make people buy your product.

With these terminologies noted, I will expend to you simple ways to starting your online business and how you can earn metronomic benefits from it.

1. Creating a website and incorporating a payment system

When africans hear website creation, they think it as a laborious thing to do and you need to know coding to be able to create a website. Now, there are third-party companies that can assist you or even create a website for you like or for a measly $2.75. This money will not even be sufficient to having a three-square meal in an african country, so it is not expensive for you, how much more paying at the end of the month.

Once this company creates a website for you, you are set. You just need to have a payment system incorporated in which the company can assist you. Your payment system could allow credit cards or PayPal.

How to earn from creating a website

To earn from your website, you first need to create a product on your website. Your product could be anything you like or you are passionate about, like fashion, clothes, shoes, sports, travelling, or anything you are intersted in, personally.

The reason i am throwing more light on a product that you like is that, you cannot sell something you don’t like. Simply put, you cannot create success for any product you are not passionate about.

With this in complaisant, you need to drive traffic to your website so that people can see your product, so that there could be a propensity for a sale.

How to drive traffic to your website

Driving traffic to your website is literally not difficult because of the popularity of social media especially Whatsapp. All you need to do is to place a link (your website link) on your status and write a summary of what your product is.

With Facebook and other social media apps, you can just write a statement of your product, what it offers and how special it is and paste it in your feed while adding your website link. Once you do that, you will start seeing people clicking your link and getting directed to your website.

How to convert your traffic into leads

Once people start visiting your site, you still do not have money. People are just window-shopping and viewing what your site provides, so there is the need for you to convert them into leads. As I aforementioned, a lead is someone who is interested in your business and wants to buy your product.

To able to covert your traffic into leads, you first need to understand your traffic. Who are they? What do they do? What do they like? Where do they come from? What is their gender? You need to be able to understand all these questions before you can be able to convert this traffic into leads.

When it comes to understanding your traffic, there is help. Google and other companies provide you with help when it comes to understanding your traffic. This is called Analytics. Google provides you with that, so all you need to do is to incorporate Analytics in your website.

This is easy to do. You just need to go to and incorporate it in your website. Google can help you with that and your website company can also assist you in embedding Analytics to your website.

Once you have your Analytics incorporated, then you try and sell to your traffic based on how they behave. You can never get sales if you don’t know who your traffic is. Once you start selling to them based on the consumer behaviour, you can start earning.

For example, you sell Fashion styles on your website. To be able to convert your traffic into leads, you have to make sure your traffic is interested in fashion or anything related to fashion. Once you are able to get this kind of traffic on social media and they are directed to your website, they are going to be converted into leads.

How to get the right Traffic from social media

To get the right traffic from social media you just need to go to “Search” on your social media platform. Type for example, “people who like fashion” or “people interested in fashion”. Once you get your search results, you can connect with the people you see in the search results. You can add them as friends, after that, you can sell your product to them. Always search for people who like products like yours and connect with them accordingly. When you do that, you will always convert that traffic into leads when they pop up on your website, and those leads will become customers because you sold a product they want.

How to sell your product and earn money

When you are selling your product to someone, you need to know how to do it. The right way to sell a product for people to buy is what we call Attraction Marketing.

What is Attraction Marketing

Attraction marketing is simply telling people the good, the bad, and ugly of a category of products. Then you promote a product that best fits and you tell them why they should have it.

When people are marketing their product, they only talk about what their product is and the features it provides without taking consideration whether the product solves a need. This kind of marketing will not bring you sales because all you do is talk about your product. This is called Active Marketing.

I am going to illustrate below an example of how Active Marketing and Attraction Marketing differ.

For example you sell a product called “Daco”, which is an umbrella. A person using Active Marketing will say…

“Come and buy Daco. This umbrella is very beautiful and there are lot of colours you can choose from. Daco lasts long and is loved by most. Come and buy Daco and enjoy this umbrella today”.

This type of selling is not good. It only talks about the product and its features without taking into consideration how it can help solve a need, thus, a lot of people will not buy it. That is how most people sell. They just talk about the product and its features and think someone will buy it. Thus, their online business doesn’t give them money.

The only way to achieve sales is for you to do Attraction Marketing. This is an example of what you will say if you are using Attraction Marketing to sell Daco.

“It’s not all umbrellas that last long. Most umbrellas look beautiful but after a while they start to fade. When you use it after a few weeks, they start to break. You need to have an umbrella that lasts long and can withstand any heavy rainfall. Daco is what you need. With its inner-built steel strength, and flourishing colour, you can have an umbrella that is strong and can last up to 5 years and will make you beautiful on the road. Daco is what you need today. Come and buy Daco today!”

With this kind of marketing, you will get a lot of people buying because you tell them about how bad other umbrellas are, how some do not even last, and you promote Daco to them and how it solves their need. This is how we sell. If you sell like this you are going to get a lot of customers, thus more money for your business. Just sell like this.

Once you have traffic on your website, use Attraction Marketing to sell your products to them on your site and have a “Buy” button underneath your product so that when they click it, they can be linked to your payment plaform on your website. Once they buy, you start earning money.

This is a simple tutorial for entrepreneurs who are contemplating on starting an online business. Once you follow these simple techniques, you will start earning and you can start buying anything you dream of or want.

I hope this article has been helpful.