Why do you need to fail before you succeed?

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There is that assertion that you need to fail before you succeed. But is it true?

Most successful entrepreneurs will rebuff, that failure is the most antithetical embodiment of success. One person said, "Success is failure turned inside-out."

So it means that failure is part of success. But the fact is, IT IS NOT NICE TO FAIL!

Most successful entrepreneurs passed through schlong-flaunting pains before reaching the end called "SUCCESS".

Success, they say, is not the "destination" but the "journey".

What do i mean?

I mean success is not about the money and the luxury cars you are going to have, but is how you used the period of pain to churn situations into good.

I regurgitate by saying a story about two little mice that fell in a bucket of cream.

The first mouse, after falling into the bucket of cream, immediately gave up and ended up drowning.

But the second mouse, after falling in the bucket, didn't give up. It fought hard and hard and eventually turned the cream into butter and crawled out.

This second mouse is likened to the successful entrepreneurs we see and know.

Their success wouldn't have come to being if they didn't fight hard to turn the "cream into butter".

Success we see is the result of how well we fight against situations, against hardships, against pains.

If you are able to fight hard and overcome the situation, then you are "successful". It is not the end-result, but it is how well you fight and win your life battles.

Every time you see failure in achieving your goals, behind it is "success". All you need to do is to keep on pushing. Keep on working and you will achieve.

Success is the result of winning over the failure.

A research says that every successful man has failed on the average three times before he succeeded. So if you are afraid to fail, then you will never be successful.

Failure is not nice, it's not beautiful and it's bad to see. But you need to keep on going.

Life places failure before success, so that it can sift the "men" from the "boys".

Do you want to achieve and become successful? Then fight so that "life" can see you as a "man".

Do you want to accept failure and quit your goals because it is difficult? Then life will see you as a "boy".

The ball is in your court today?

Do you want to fight hard and make sure you achieve or do you want to accept the failure and let life beat you up? You choose. But the end always, if you chose to fight hard no matter how many times you fail, your future will be beautiful!

I hope this was helpful.
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