Sign this petition to help raise awareness on what is going on in State of Plateau Nigeria

United Nation, African Union,Human Right Watch,Amnesty International
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We Need At Least One Million Signatures. Please Sign and Share to Friends
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June 27, 2018
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July 2, 2019
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We wake up to the news of people massacred in Plateau by some senseless herdsmen in the name of forcefully annex of grazing land. All over the world. Cattle rearing are done in ranching and not in grazing route. The people has suggested the government to provide cattle ranches to their home state but these herdsmen refused to abide by the idea and embark on intimidation and killings on weekly basis. They have claimed all sorts of reasons for their action but no reason is accepted for the fact that they have took many lives in their quest for grazing route. Nobody has monopoly to violence but the people choose a peaceful protest over violent killings or retaliations. We are urging everyone to please sign this petition to enable us to alert the united nations and other concern agencies to wake up from slumber before it is too late. Your Signature can make a difference. We are hopping to to reach one million Signatures shortly and with you we will get there.

Thanks for being concern on the issues of the Middlebelt. An injury to one is injury to all. No one knows tomorrow. it is better to stop it now peacefully than to allow it to escalate to uncontrollable violent which will leads to more bloodshed. We don't want that.
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