Write a petition for US Government to make Lebron James the Minister of Education for the US

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August 10, 2018
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January 1, 2019
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Just recently Lebron James created a multi-million dollar school for his hometown Ohio. This school is centered on helping at-risked students who are lagging behind in their studies and struggling at home. This school has been applauded by many celebrities in the US and petitions have been ongoing to make Lebron James the new Minister of Education because his philanthropical practices.

The current Minister of Education, Bestys Devos, has never been to a primary school before. She has never felt what is like to financially struggle to pay school fees. However, Lebron James experienced struggle in his early life. Knows what it is to be eating once a day, and knows how it feels to not have money to pay school fees and is the right person to help in this educational system, not Devos.

If you agree with me and would like to see Lebron James as the new Minister of Education, write a petition.